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Here Is a Listicle of 43 Suggested BuzzFeed Food Listicles

The viral hit website Buzzfeed is in the middle of an ongoing expansion, and it's going to launch a food "vertical" this Fall.

Inspired by McSweeney's awesome "Suggested Buzzfeed Articles," here now, a listicle of 43 suggested listicles for BuzzFeed Food:

13 Photos of Gordon Ramsay Shouting at Vegetables
23 Things Alice Waters Will Not Eat
33 Ways to Get Your Bacon On
39 MORE Ways to Get Your Bacon On
19 Hungry Bears Eating Sandwiches
27 Photos of Vegetables That Look Like Penises
10 Naked Former Top Chef Contestants (NSFW)
15 Best Restaurants from 90s Shows
102 Things Yan Can't Cook
11 Food Trends That Have to Go
18 Super Mario-Themed Examples of Latte Art
13 Photos of Pig Tattoos on Actual Pigs
10 Donuts That Look Like Puppies
10 Puppies That Look Like Donuts
9 Top Chef Winners and What They're Up To
11 Historical Figures Who Could Win Top Chef
14 Mind-Blowing Food-Themed Manicures
117 Food Photos Taken Directly From Reddit With No Links
13 Recipes For TK So Loosely Adapted That it Verges on Copyright Infringement
20 Breakfast Cereal Commercials From the 1980s
14 Bento Boxes That Amusingly Look Like Other Things
17 Photoshopped Images of Tom Colicchio With an Afro
1014 Crazy Japanese Food Products That Actually Exist
19 Hilarious Lunchbox Notes
11 Ways to Piss Off a Barista
11 Ways to Piss Off a Waiter
11 Ways to Piss Off a Bartender
11 Ways to Piss Off Eater
19 Chefs and Their Cartoon Dopplegangers
21 Totally Crazy Animated Gifs of Hugh Acheson Raising His Eyebrow(s)
29 Animals That Have Had Their Testicles Eaten by Andrew Zimmern
38 Animal Testicles That Look like Andrew Zimmern
14 SEO-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes From Popular Food Blogs
29 Reposted Pinterest-Bait Images of Pasta
17 Photos of Crazy Cakes Because We Licensed Them From Getty
10 Hilarious Yelp Reviews
8 Things Anthony Bourdain Has Smoked That You Haven't, Including "Dat Ass"
15 Ways to Wear Pizza
11 Lady Chefs Who Rock
27 Things You Didn't Know You Could Pickle
32 Disgusting Photos Of Crap You Can't Believe People Eat
19 Ice Cream Flavors That Could Be Rappers
18 Side-By-Side Comparisons Of Fast Food Advertisements With The Real Thing

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