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Wendy's in Japan Serving Burgers with Lobster & Caviar

Photo: Wendy's Japan

Wendy's Japan is opening up a second location, and to commemorate the occasion, they're adding three items with lobster and caviar. These will make up the Ocean Premium component of their Japan Premium line, which already includes Rossini burgers and truffle and porcini chicken sandwiches.

There are two sandwiches. First, there's the Lobster and Caviar Burger that comes with caviar and Canadian lobster (it's not really a "burger" since there's no hamburger patty, it's just a sandwich). And then there's the Surf and Turf Burger with a hamburger patty topped with chunks of lobster and some lobster salad. They're both available for 1,280 yen (about $16 USD). There's also the Ocean Premium Salad with lobster, egg, avocado, caviar, and onion for 1,580 yen (about $20).

So now if you visit Japan, you'll be able to go to Wendy's and choose from burgers with foie gras, lobster and caviar, avocado wasabi, and Iberico bacon chili (all of which hover between $13 and $16). Which might make Wendy's Japan the current king of the fast food novelty sandwich game. Jiro Ono, your move.

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