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Was Top Chef on an Alaska-Bound Celebrity Cruise Ship?

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Photo: Celebrity Cruises

More rumormongering: Top Chef contestants and crew apparently took a cruise ship to Alaska and filmed an episode on the way there. An anonymous commenter drops in and writes: "I was on the Celebrity Millennium that started in Vancouver on July 27 and ported in Seward, Alaska on August 3. I was part of the 'audience' who tasted the courses presented by the 5 chefs still standing at that time. All hosts, crew, and celebrity judges left the ship while we were in port in Juneau on July 31."

The Celebrity Millennium is one of Celebrity Cruise's flagship cruise ships that does runs in Alaska at this time of year. (Fun fact: Apparently the Millennium has a restaurant with wooden panels and lighting that were originally from the RMS Olympic, a sister ship to the Titanic).

This syncs up with KTOO's report from last week that "the production company brought about 150 people into town and unloaded a bunch of stuff from one of the cruise ships..." More evidence? Corbin Kuceyeski tweeted on July 29th: "So jealous my parents are going to be on Top Chef while they were filming on their Alaskan cruise!!!!!" So the Top Chef timeline follows like so: Seattle > Vancouver > cruise ship > Alaska for the finale. Must find a way to make "full Gail" a catchphrase.

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