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Jon Stewart on the Chick-fil-A 'Culture War Armageddon'

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Last night on the Daily Show Jon Stewart tackled the madness that was Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. Said Stewart: "What better way to stand up and say, 'I oppose gay people's rights to get married' than to head to down to a Chick-fil-A, grab a hold of two buttery buns, split em open and gobble down some of that hot, greasy cock?" And as to why thousands, if not tens of thousands of people helped set a record sales day: "Finally a form of activism Americans can fully embrace, affecting social change through the act of eating a fast food sandwich." He continued:

If the massive culture war Armageddon we've been dreading for years takes the form of one-day record chicken sandwich sales, maybe everybody walks away from this a winner. The right finally has got themselves a legitimate First Amendment gripe, and as a bonus, a fried meat sandwich based protest that can also be seen as a little bit of a fuck you to a certain someone's healthy eating initiative. And for people who are gay or support gay marriage, I get how seeing thousands of people come out to make this statement is incredibly disheartening. But take solace in this: gay marriage is happening. Like many drive thru window lanes, it ain't going backwards. And your bonus is this: you get gay marriage. And all your political opponents are going to get is Type 2 Diabetes.

He also came up with a new term: "Chick-fil-aters."

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