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CA Chick-fil-A Graffitied With 'Tastes Like Hate'

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Photo: Press-Telegram

Last night, on the eve of the planned National Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick-fil-A, someone spray-painted "TASTES LIKE HATE" on the back wall of a Torrance, CA location. According the Press-Telegram, employees "discovered the vandalism on the restaurant's east wall when they arrived for work this morning." Police said they don't have any leads but there is a surveillance tape.

Written in the style of the company's ad campaigns, the graffiti was in response to the anti-gay marriage statements made by Chick-fil-A's COO Dan Cathy. Supporters of Cathy and of the chain turned out in droves on Wednesday for Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. The planned National Same Sex Kiss Day is planned for tonight at 8PM EST. Hopefully there won't be trouble, but the Daily Dot has collected a whole bunch of tweets of people promising violence.

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18200 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance, California