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Photoshop the Tyler Florence Cookbook Cover, Win Stuff

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Yesterday we posted the cover to Food Networkperson Tyler Florence's upcoming cookbook Tyler Florence Fresh. And don't worry, he's not advocating eating baby chicks — Florence's wife said on Twitter: "The photo is real & the chick? Her name is Rosa & she lives with us. Sometimes @TylerFlorence even makes treats for her...."

So here now, a Photoshop contest: The person who puts together the most unexpected and funniest cover will receive an amazing prize package that includes:

· Restaurant Man by Joe Bastianich
· Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson
· True Blood by Gianna Sobol and Alan Ball
· Comfort Me With Offal by Ruth Bourdain
· And maybe more.

Drop your submission in the comments (make sure to use a registered account) or email it in to The winner will be selected tomorrow, August 29, noon EST.

Update 08/29: Here are the best submissions.

· All Tyler Florence Coverage on Eater [-E-]