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SF Coffee Shop Bans 'Annoying Hipster Topics,' Instagram

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Photo: kevinmonty / Instagram

Time to learn the rules, punks: Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco has a few small requests. Don't throw your trash in the alley. Bus your tables. Don't talk about "annoying hipster topics" like "who you fucked last night." (That's a hipster topic?) That last one comes courtesy of an actual complaint by the coffee shop's neighbors, and TechCrunch reports the rules became so popular Four Barrel decided to ban another hipster habit: posting photos of the sign on Instagram.

Of course, Four Barrel admits they knew the result the sign would have — immediate and prolific posting on Instagram. Via Twitter, they encourage customers to "Instagram away, folks. Just don't forget to actually drink the coffee afterwards." Mucho smoocho.

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Fourbarrel Coffee

375 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94103

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