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Servers at Jamie Oliver Restaurants Told to Use Words Like 'Scrummy,' 'Slamming,' 'Wicked'

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Here's a list of words, originally posted on Twitter by Luke Wright, that servers at Jamie Oliver's restaurants are supposedly required to use while selling all those "fab specials" they serve. (Click on the image to zoom.) The list is, as the Guardian notes, unverified, and it's also unclear which of Oliver's restaurants (Fifteen, Jamie's Italian, Barbacoa, Union Jacks) it's for. Maybe all of them?

Still, the tone does reek of Oliver: recommended words/phrases include "outrageous," "dollop," "legendary," "wicked," "mega," "proper rustic" and "scrummy." According to Urban Dictionary, "scrummy" is British slang defined as "A combination of 'scrumptious' and 'yummy,' used to convey that deep, satisfied pleasure that comes after you finish something." Too bad there's no entry to illustrate the what "proper rustic" food looks like.

· @lukewrightpoet [Twitter via Guardian]
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[Photo: lukewrightpoet / Twitter]