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Savoy, Ducasse, Boulud Are Actually Judging MasterChef

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Here are the VVIP (as Gordon Ramsay calls them) judges for the next episode of the culinary version of American Idol, MasterChef: Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse, and Daniel Boulud. Between the three, they have 33 Michelin stars; the contestants on the show have none. No pressure, you guys. The episode airs tomorrow on Fox. Here are two previews, one of which shows the threesome departing the MasterChef private jet in slow motion. The name's Boulud. Monsieur Boulud.

Video: Preview #1 from "Top 4 Compete" airing TUE 8/28

Video: Ducasse, Savoy, Boulud in the MasterChef Jet

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