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Watch Paula Deen Make 'Healthy' Food on GMA

Grease queen Paula Deen was on Good Morning America this morning, making "lighter" Southern food to highlight the 32 pounds she's lost since announcing she'd been diagnosed with diabetes/got a multi-million dollar pharma deal back in January. Are pulled pork sandwiches and "light and lovely" peaches and cream parfaits really healthy? (She recommends "whipped cream or a lighter version of fresh whipped cream" for the parfaits.) Maybe when you're known for serving burgers on doughnuts they are. Anyway, she also offers cooking tips, like reasons for using Boston Butt for pulled pork: "I don't know why the butts from Boston are so good but they really are y'all." Also, please note the Deen re-branding with all the vegetables on set.

Video: Paula Deen on Good Morning America

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