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Charlie Palmer to Shutter Both of His Denver Restaurants

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District Meats
District Meats
Photo: Adam Larkey

The Charlie Palmer Group has announced it's shutting down operations in Denver Colorado: both Charlie Palmer's District Tavern and Wazee Wood Fire Pizza are slated to close at the end of the month. District Tavern was originally called District Meats but was rebranded in an effort to increase business. It didn't work.

It's been a rough summer for Palmer, who came forward as the party responsible for serving Anthony Bourdain's wife Ottavia a crappy steak in Las Vegas. The incident set off much speculation and approximately 123,434,543 tweets trying to guess where the Bourdains had eaten. Here's a statement from CPG on the shutter:

On August 31, the Charlie Palmer Group will close Charlie Palmer's District Tavern, its sole project in the Denver area. [sic] "It was our intention to settle in and become part of LoDo, and, while we were unable maintain the volume needed to remain open, one thing we know for sure: it's a great neighborhood in a great city and we enjoyed the time we spent there," says Palmer. "At this time, I'd also like to publicly thank our local employees for their great service, particularly the invaluable part they played during the recent changes that garnered praise for their performance as well as the food including our 'best pizza' win."

Palmer's not the only one reigning in the national expansion: Tom Colicchio recently shuttered Craft Dallas and shut down Craft Atlanta two years ago.

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Charlie Palmer's District Tavern

1625 Wazee St Denver, CO 80202