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Critic Calls Mike Isabella's Bandolero in DC a 'Black Hole'

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Bandolero, Washington, DC.
Bandolero, Washington, DC.
Photo: Bandolero

After dropping not-so-subtle hints on Twitter, Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema has come out with a remarkable review of former Top Cheftestapant Mike Isabella's new DC Mexican restaurant, Bandolero. Despite giving the place two stars out of four, he calls it "one of the grimmest restaurants to open in years" Sietsema compared the dining room to the Addams Family mansion, calls the noise level inside the restaurant "potentially harmful" (he checks the decibel levels on all his reviews), and thinks the desserts were bad. Oh, and he wishes they'd make the guacamole tableside. He did like the food for the most part, though. The review is definitely worth a read, or catch the highlights on Eater DC.

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3241 M St NW, Washington, DC, 20007