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Fake Starbucks Sleeves Hide Shameful Non-Starbucks Coffee In Russian Ad Campaign

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Photo: Feed The Mob

The advertising agency BBDO came up with a campaign for Russian Starbucks outposts a couple of months ago that consisted of placing postcards in different businesses to "offer customers of other coffee shops a chance to 'upgrade' their takeaway coffee cup to an iconic Starbucks coffee cup." The postcards would then easily be transformed into fake Starbucks coffee sleeves. Because nothing is more alluring than being able to combat the very common and profound feelings of inadequacy that set in when you realize you're not walking around with a Starbucks cup.

It's unclear if the campaign was ever put in motion, but a pitch describes how "the company was able to get [their] postcards into fashion and book stores very close to competitors' coffee shops." The infiltration plans don't stop there: "Plus, we offered them direct to customers as they left with a takeaway coffee [from another shop]." The aggressive strategy is probably due to the fact that Starbucks has only been in Russia for five years and wants to "position itself above the clutter of other larger coffee chains."

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