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First Look: The Fäviken Cookbook by Magnus Nilsson

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[Photos: Raphael Brion /]

Here's Fäviken by Magnus Nilsson, the first cookbook from Nilsson's 12-seat restaurant outside of the tiny town of Järpen, Sweden, nearly 400 miles north of Stockholm. Nilsson's food is sourced super locally — as in actually, physically near the restaurant — so it's perhaps a little difficult to recreate at homes that aren't in the far northern reaches of Sweden. As he says in the trailer below, however, "In the book there are recipes, but the recipes are only to show how the ideas and thoughts behind them are applied. So it's sort of in between a reading book and a recipe book." The photos aren't too shabby, either.

Fäviken is currently number 34 of the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, and you can read more about Nilsson's work there in a recent two part Eater interview. Fäviken will be released October 1 from Phaidon (pre-order on Amazon). Here's the book trailer:

Video: Faviken

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