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Conspiracy Theorists Attack White House Pastry Chef

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Bill Yosses, plotting the end of food as we've always known it
Bill Yosses, plotting the end of food as we've always known it
Photo: Max's Dublin

Well, this is stupid: White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses gave a demo two weeks ago at a conference in Ireland on advancements in food science which included a section on "food made with chemical compounds and things like liquid nitrogen rather than with raw foodstuffs." As a result, per Obama Foodorama, conspiracy theorists think he's pushing an agenda to do away with raw ingredients altogether in favor of "gelatin-like blobs made of chemical compounds."

One has to thank for bringing people's attention to the fact that Yosses and the French scientist Hervé This, one of the most significant proponents of molecular gastronomy, are trying to do away with "real food." The website makes the following extremely reasonable conclusion:

The average person will eventually be expected to happily eat green gelatin-like blobs made of chemical compounds, along with ambiguous cracker products that resemble 'Soylent Green,' while the White House and the world's other elites continue to eat wholesome, natural foods, including those hand-picked from Michelle Obama's organic garden.

Keep in mind that this is a website whose homepage includes articles like "30 years of secret, official transcripts prove vaccine schedules in US and UK are based on government lies," and pieces that argue that "chemotherapy is about the worst thing you can do if you're ever found to have a cancer."

Nonetheless, the article has already been posted to threads on conspiracy theory sites like AboveTopSecret, where debate on the subject has gone on for several days. The site Prison Planet, which the Obama food blog calls the internet's most important conspiracy site, has republished the Natural News article in its entirety.

If you look at the video report below on the subject from Irish outlet RTE, it's pretty obvious that Yosses was merely demoing advances in cooking techniques and food science in the interests of expanding general knowledge. When asked for comment in the segment, for example, Yosses says, "Now chefs and cooks can have an understanding of what they're doing, and they can use that to improve the processes — not only the flavor but the hygiene, the longevity, how to store things — all of these things come from learning about food at the molecular level."

In other words, we're all going to die.

Video: "White House Chef Says Food In Future Will Be Made From Chemicals"

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