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Huge Mexican Torta Stretches 173 Ft, Weighs 1,543 Lbs

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Just call me big torta.
Just call me big torta.
Photo: SkyNews

Fifty-five sandwich artistas assembled a 173-foot torta in Mexico City yesterday to kick off the ninth-annual "Torta Fair," stuffing the popular Mexican-style sandwich with meats of land and sea. The torta weighed 1,543.24 pounds and took just four minutes to prepare, though fillings and bread were made beforehand.

Alas, heartbreak: this meaty Latin American feat is not the world's largest or longest sandwich (those honors go to an 2,081-foot sandwich assembled in Italy and a 5,440-pound sandwich built in Michigan) but is the world's largest torta and the largest Latin American-made sandwich ever.

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