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Here's a Mindblowing Rene Redzepi Magazine Cover Made Out of Food

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[Photos: Blogolpeavisa]

Here's Danish chef René Redzepi on the cover of the August issue of Clase Premier, Aeroméxico's in flight magazine. Okay, okay, busted: that's not actually René Redzepi, it's his likeness made out of glasses of wine, plates, eggs, tablecloths and other table settings. Design group Blogolpeavisa, which is responsible for the image, writes on their website, "Usually, these cover illustrations are digital drawings, but this time we chose to push our luck a little bit further, and we decided to do the illustration photographically, by shooting a bunch of cuisine and kitchen related elements in perspective in such a way that we would get a silhouette of Redzepi's face." Mission accomplished. Here's a behind the scenes video of how they did it:

Video: Clase Premier August 2012 Cover

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