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Watch Clips From the Sad Shitshow Time Machine Chefs

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ABC knew it had a turd on its hands with the pilot of Time Machine Chefs — a show that was shot in 2011 — which is why it dumped it in the dog days of August. It is a poorly executed, shameless ripoff of the Top Chef franchise, but with a twist. A twist of time travel. And instead of "Pack your knives and go" it's "You're trapped here in time." (Cheftestapants who lose a round are left to fend for themselves in whatever time and place they were, in this case corporate chef Jill Davie was left back in China, 1416 AD. Right.)

Spoiler alert: Chris Cosentino, who said he wasn't "doing television anymore," won the show. He was crowned "the greatest chef in history" and received a ridiculous medal. If anything, Time Machine Chefs verges on a parody of the food competition genre, and it makes Top Chef look so very polished and professional. Here are bunch of clips. Never forget:

Extra bonus: The show Wipeout got better ratings than Time Machine Chefs.

Video: Intro

Video: The Time Machine

Video: Elimination

Video: The Second Challenge

Video: Judging the Cockatrice

Video: The Winner


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