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First Look: The New Baked Elements Cookbook by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito

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[Photos: Paula Forbes / Eater]

Here's Baked Elements, the third cookbook from Brooklyn bakery Baked written by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. The book devotes a chapter's worth of recipes to the duo's ten favorite ingredients: Peanut butter, lemon/lime, caramel, "booze," pumpkin, malted milk powder, cinnamon, cheese, chocolate and banana.

Recipes are generally in the bakery's signature style of old fashioned treats with contemporary spins, such as malted madeleines, a fudge with olive oil and fleu de sel, chocolate mayonnaise cupcakes, spicy brownies, triple rum black pepper cake and something called "Lacy Panty Cakes." Sure, why not. Much like their first two books, Baked Elements is very pretty and slightly cheeky. It comes out from Stewart, Tabori & Chang September 1 (pre-order on Amazon).

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