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The Pizzabon, Cinnabon's Improbable Foray Into Pizza

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Baked goods chain Cinnabon, a place of deep self-loathing, has opened an outpost in Atlanta's Cumberland Mall that will also serve as a testing ground for new menu items like cupcakes, breakfast sandwiches, and a thing called The Pizzabon.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which broke the news, doesn't dwell too much on the latter creation, but it looks exactly the way it sounds: a savory version of the famous, sizeable Cinnabon circle with melted cheese, pepperoni, and tomato sauce on top. Kind of like a Bagel Bite, except its the size of a cinnamon roll. Tweeted the paper's restaurant critic John Kessler, "Just got a press release about Cinnabon's new Pizzabon. Wanna hear more or just let that sit with ya for a spell?"

According to the article, the 27-year-old company made these moves in order to diversify, catch up with the times, and offer enough variety to combat "lulls in business during the day when customers go to other restaurants for lunch or dinner." The company also believes that "it uses ingredients more effectively, especially when coupling products with its cinnamon flavoring." Hopefully the cinnamon doesn't make its way onto the pizza stuffs.

If you are in Atlanta and for some reason wish to sample one of these, the "concept store" will be giving away free Pizzabons this Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM.

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Cinnabon "Concept Store"

1000 Cumberland Mall Atlanta, Georgia 30339

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