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Watch Previews of Time Machine Chefs, Premiering Thurs.

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Photo: Time Machine Chefs

Hey, America, are you ready for Time Machine Chefs to premiere on August 16, which is a mere two days from now? No, probably not, but too bad, it's happening anyway. To inoculate yourself against the coming chronological spectacle, here are a couple of previews from ABC. Watch as Art Smith compares his duck butchering skills to Hannibal Lecter, Ilan Hall talks about "the dirtiest thing [he's] put in [his] mouth," and Chris Cosentino declares anyone who hasn't eaten duck "is fucking stupid." Time Machine Chefs premieres Thursday on ABC at 9:00PM EST. Time Machine Chefs Fever, have you caught it?

Video: Time Machine Chefs Preview: Doing That to a Duck

Video: Time Machine Chefs Preview: Darth Vader of the Kitchen

Video: Time Machine Chefs Preview: Hannibal Lecter of the Duck

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