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Usain Bolt Celebrates With £80K Bottle of Champagne

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What's ultrafast human being Usain Bolt up to now that he's won a bunch of gold medals at the London Olympics? Drinking a gigantic bottle of champagne priced at £80,000 (US $125,496), like you do. (Kind of makes that $3,000 cocktail another club was giving out to gold medalists seem like kids' stuff?) According to the AP, Bolt was celebrating at London club Movida with other Olympians when a Nebuchadnezzar of Armand de Brignac Champagne (AKA the Ace of Spades) was sent over.

Bolt and his pals apparently stayed til 6:00AM. Well, yeah, a Nebuchadnezzar is the equivalent of 20 bottles of champagne, and you probably need at least that long to work your way through the bottle.

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