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Hooters Plans to Lure Women With Puppets, Salads

Faced with fierce breastaurant competition from restaurants like Twin Peaks and the Tilted Kilt, Hooters wants to get more people in the door, namely women and younger people. How's it doing that? With puppets and also salads. The chain is launching a new marketing campaign with ads directed by Eastbound & Down writer/director Jody Hill which feature two owl finger puppets (an angel and a devil) having "the conversation you always have" when trying to decide if you want to go to Hooters. A rep for the company tells AdAge, "Often people don't know how to broach the subject of going to Hooters with friends, coworkers or even spouses." Now, with these ads, you'll learn how?

They're also rolling out a whole bunch of new menu items, which includes "nearly 30 salads." (And new varieties of burgers, chicken wings, etc.) Thirty salads is many, many salads. Maybe all those ladies out there who really like salads and also looking at boobs while eating salads will be into them? Here's a bunch of the new ads:

Video: Fantasy Football - Hooters Angel Owl and Devil Owl

Video: Lifeguard - Hooters Angel Owl & Devil Owl

Video: Hooters Angel Owl & Devil Owl - Behind The Scenes

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