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Here Are the Most Restaurant- and Bar-Dense US Cities

The eagle-eyed real estate trendwatchers at Trulia have drummed up a couple maps that divide the country into two opposing factions: restaurant cities and bar cities. While there is some overlap in touristy areas and also most of the state of New York, by and large coastal cities are restaurant cities and inland cities are bar cities. The biggest restaurant city is San Francisco, with 39.3 restaurants per 10,000 households; it's also the only metropolis to make the top ten bar cities list. Congratulations, San Francisco. Other restaurant-dense cities include New York City, the areas outside of New York City, Boston, Seattle, and San Jose, California.

The city with the highest bar density is, naturally, New Orleans with 8.6 bars per 10,000 households, followed by Milwaukee, Omaha and a smattering of Rust Belt cities. And then also Honolulu, which is pretty much as coastal of a city as you can get? Oh well. Below, the two top ten lists and the bar density map.


The Top Ten Restaurant-Dense Cities in the US
(The number represents restaurants per 10,000 households.)

1: San Francisco, CA, 39.3
2: Fairfield County, CT, 27.6
3: Long Island, NY, 26.5
4: New York, NY-NJ, 25.3
5: Seattle, WA, 24.9
6: San Jose, CA, 24.8
7: Orange County, CA, 24.8
8: Providence, RI-MA, 24.3
9: Boston, MA, 24.2
10: Portland, OR-WA, 24.0

The Top Ten Bar-Dense Cities in the US
(The number represents bars per 10,000 households.)

1: New Orleans, LA, 8.6
2: Milwaukee, WI, 8.5
3: Omaha, NE-IA, 8.3
4: Pittsburgh, PA, 7.9
5: Toledo, OH, 7.2
6: Syracuse, NY, 7.0
7: Buffalo, NY, 6.8
8: San Francisco, CA, 6.0
9: Las Vegas, NV, 6.0
10: Honolulu, HI, 5.9

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