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Elements' Chef Scott Anderson to Open New Restaurant, Mistral, in Princeton, NJ

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Scott Anderson, the chef behind the celebrated Princeton, New Jersey restaurant Elements, announced a few days ago that he would be opening a new restaurant, Mistral, at some point in the fall.

Today he shares some additional information with Eater National. According to Anderson, the restaurant should open in October or November. It will be a casual business serving small plates, but he notes that "you won't be able to classify it as tapas or any other type of cuisine. We'll be doing the interpretive American cooking I've always talked about." The restaurant will boast a wood-fired oven and raw bar, and the chef is working on a charcuterie program and several pastas for the menu.

The space has about forty-five seats inside, and when the weather's right, they'll have another forty outside. What the restaurant will not have is a liquor license, since Anderson points out that they go for close to a million dollars in Princeton these days.

With a more informal concept, Anderson hopes to reach a wider audience. "The kids from Princeton can come in and eat," he says, "or even high schoolers who want a nice night out or are on a date."

The restaurant has a website and Twitter, and Anderson has been posting updates on his page.

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66 Witherspoon Street Princeton New Jersey 08542