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Chains Fattening Up America With Soda For Breakfast

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What's fattening up Americans now? Soda. But not just any old time: fast food chains are pushing customers to drink soda first thing in the morning. Why not? Just like coffee, it's caffeinated.

Anyway, as USA Today points out, three fast food chains are currently running morning soda promotions: Steak 'n Shake is promoting its new breakfast tacos with a buy a soda, get a free taco promotion that lasts through July 11. The thing is, though, the breakfast tacos are only available between 6:00AM and 11:00AM at most locations.

Some Sonic locations have a Morning Drink Stop promotion in which customers can get a $.99 large drink before 11:00AM. And of course there's Taco Bell's MTN Dew AM, a "mixology of MTN Dew and OJ."

It's as though Americans are unaware that there are beverages that have just as many (if not more) calories as soda that society deems breakfast-acceptable over at the neighborhood Starbucks. What is next for America's soda death wish? All-you-can-drink sodaterias?

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