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Todd English Buys an Oyster Farm, Releases 'Todd English Blue Point Oysters'

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Todd English is a man of many talents — chef/shitshow all-star/Groupon exploiter/ladies' man/wannabe rocker/dreamer/wedding no-shower — and now add oyster farmer to his resume. English tweeted this morning: "I bought an oyster farm! Get ready for the Todd English Blue Point." Turns out it's an 83 acre salt pond in Westport, Connecticut. But how do they taste? What image does the name conjure? Let the official website do the talking:

When spotted on menus, the Todd English Blue Point conjures images of sparkling ocean waves, salty air, and picturesque New England shores. Its freshness overwhelms the palate with a taste of the sea, carrying a refined crisp flavor within succulent white meats, fading gently into a soft metallic finish.

Described as a "premium boutique oyster," this may be the very first chef-branded oyster. Todd English Blue Points: Taste his terroir ™.

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