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Sydney Chef Closes Restaurant Over 'Greedy' Diners

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Photo: Dom A. / Yelp

Sydney chef Yukako Ichikawa is shutting down her restaurant Wafu, citing the "inconsiderate, greedy people" who came to dine there as the reason. Also, they had the nerve to not bring their own "doggie containers."

Wafu is notorious for its strict set of rules, based on Ichikawa's desire to not waste food and generally run a tight, well-mannered ship. In order to learn the rules, potential customers must attend an orientation session before they're allowed to make reservations. Non-members can order food, but do not receive a member discount and experienced "extra waiting time during busy time."

Diners, member and non-member alike, are required to eat everything on their plates, and if for some reason they can't, they better have brought their own reusable containers to take home the leftovers. Customers were required to wait to be given permission to sit down, to sit up straight, to set down their chopsticks between bites, not to play with the table settings, and offer to pay for anything they happened to break.

But enough was enough for Ichikawa, who, after five and a half years of running Wafu, has had it with "people walking whilst cramming fast-food in jaws that cannot even chew." Finding it "distressing when, after eating, with obvious self-satisfaction, [her customers] said, 'SO FULL!'," Ichikawa has decided to sell Wafu and reassess. After a period, she might "set up a renewed, small Wafu again," but woe be it to any customer who doesn't bring a containers for their leftovers. Below, Ichikawa explains her frustrations with the culture of food waste and, when asked, admits she's "rude."

Video: Wafu Chef Yukako Ichikawa Does the Unexpected

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