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Jamie Oliver's Wife Defends Him: No, 'He Isn't Fat'

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Is British chef/world saver Jamie Oliver — who spends an awful lot of time talking about eating healthy — actually a fattie? No, says his wife Jools in an interview with The Sun. This is after an Australian reporter back in March asked Oliver if he was a bit overweight, to which he responded "Thanks for noticing, you bitch."

Jools tells The Sun, "The woman was rude, then he was rude back and frankly, good...When you have to be so conformist all the time, it's nice to actually say, 'You know what... ?'" Whether the question or Oliver's response were indeed rude is sort of beside the point anyway, as Jools adds, "And he isn't fat. He's got a great body, so we're not worried about it. He works out twice a week with a trainer and he eats amazingly." So, there you have it: Jamie Oliver, not fat.

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Jamie and Jools Oliver. [Photo: CBS]