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Sacramento Restaurant Raided, Caught With 80 Lbs. of Weed, 'Baked' Goods

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The Farmer's Daughter, Sacramento.
The Farmer's Daughter, Sacramento.
Photo: The Farmer's Daughter / Flickr

Sacramento police have raided the Farmer's Daughter restaurant for allegedly running an illegal medical marijuana dispensary out of a back room of the restaurant. 80 pounds of marijuana were confiscated, as were all sorts of pot-laced goodies including lollipops, pastry balls, ice cream, cookie dough, and peanut butter. The owners have been arrested and the health department is currently deciding the future of restaurant.

But it seems like maybe this was not really a secret illegal medical marijuana dispensary? Yelp reviews from before the raid say things like, "I don't really see the point of this establishment from a consumer 'non-member' view." One review from early June admits the place had an odd vibe:

But for some reason this place REALLY weirds me and my co-worker out each time we have come. Why are there so many cameras? Why are random people coming in and going to a backroom that is locked? Each time we have come we are the only ones eating and it is during lunch hour. However many people come in, are let into the backroom, are in there for about 5 to 10 minutes, then leave. Is this place a front for some other type of operations running behind closed doors?

So it seems. Here's a local news report:

Video: Deputies Raid Farmer's Daughter Restaurant Looking For Pot

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Farmer's Daughter

2580 Fair Oaks Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95825