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Here's STK's $12K Pink Sapphire Steak Knife For Ladies

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Photo: STK Vegas / Facebook

The Las Vegas location of the "female friendly" steakhouse STK has revealed a female friendly, blinged-out steak knife. Covered in 300 pink sapphires, the knife cost $12,000 and took "celebrity jeweler" Jason of Beverly Hills 300 hours to make. And it also cuts steak, apparently.

But not your steak, pleb. This knife is meant for famous people, or at least VIPs, and you can't ask for them: STK decides whether or not you're worthy of the honor. The sapphire knife was made as a complement to the diamond steak knife STK already had, and the Las Vegas Sun reports that "when STK had only one knife, celebrity couples, including LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, had to share." Thankfully they will never have to suffer such indignities again.

There's also a notebook the celebrities have to sign when they used the knives. Here is what musicman Gavin Rossdale wrote after using the diamond knife: "It cut like a knife but glitters like the best girl." Now it seems his wife Gwen Stefani can have the same glittery experience, except pinker.

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STK at the Cosmopolitan

3708 South Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89109