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Here Are the Top Ten Biggest Chains in the US

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Here are the top ten biggest QSRs (quick service restaurants, known to most people as fast food restaurants) in the country, according to QSR magazine. The order is determined by number of locations as well as yearly national sales. And are there differences between the two lists? You bet there are, namely the fact that McDonald's pulls in over three times as much money as Subway, despite having significantly fewer locations. (The two restaurants the top yearly sales and number of locations lists, respectively.) More compare and contrast fun with numbers, below.

The Top Ten QSRs by US System-Wide Sales

(Sales numbers are in millions of dollars)

1: McDonald’s, $34,172.0
2: Subway, $11,400.0
3: Starbucks, $9,750.0
4: Wendy’s, $8,500.0
5: Burger King, $8,400.0
6: Taco Bell, $7,000.0
7: Dunkin’ Donuts, $6,500.0
8: Pizza Hut, $5,500.0
9: KFC, $4,500.0
10: Chick-fil-A, $4,051.0

The Top Ten QSRs by Number of US Locations

1: Subway, 24,722
2: McDonald’s, 14,098
3: Starbucks, 10,821
4: Pizza Hut, 7,600
5: Burger King, 7,231
6: Dunkin’ Donuts, 7,015
7: Wendy’s, 6,594
8: Dairy Queen, 6,187
9: Taco Bell, 5,670
10: Domino’s Pizza, 4,907

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