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A Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Movie Starring Will Ferrell Is Maybe in the Works?!?!?

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Photo: ABC

Move over Gabrielle Hamilton and Grant Achatz, another chef's getting a movie sort of kind of based on his life: according to the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount is working on a movie based on British chef Jamie Oliver's world saving-activities in Los Angeles. Produced by unavoidable TV person Ryan Seacrest, Food Fight "centers on a hot Los Angeles chef known for his popular gourmet food truck who gets into trouble and is sentenced to work at a school. The chef revamps the lunch program with a ragtag group of kids." (THR acknowledges this sounds a lot like School of Rock, also from Paramount.)

The movie, based on the second season of Oliver and Seacrest's Emmy award-winning TV show Food Revolution, will be adapted by David Posamentier and Geoff Moore (Better Living Through Chemistry, currently in post-production). According to the Guardian, Paramount is looking at Will Ferrell or Sean William Scott for the lead role, and Oliver may do a cameo. Your casting picks in the comments, please.

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