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Mission Chinese Food Cookbook Coming in 2014

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Mission Chinese New York and Danny Bowien.
Mission Chinese New York and Danny Bowien.
Photos: jmoranmoya, nicknamemiket / Eater NY Flickr Pool

Ecco sends in details on the previously announced Mission Chinese Food Cookbook, coming out on Anthony Bourdain's imprint. They're calling it a "cookbook-in-conversation" that explores the world of the "astronomically successful, critically acclaimed hole-in-the-wall Chinese-ish restaurant." The book will cover the Mission Chinese Food restaurants (plural), so that means the original San Francisco location, the new New York restaurant, and whatever else chef Danny Bowien manages to open between now and when it comes out. (He has dropped hints about Brooklyn and Oklahoma locations.)

It will be co-written by Bowien and Lucky Peach editor-in-chief Chris Ying — Ying also edited the Mission Street Food cookbook. The book is still a ways out — Mission Chinese Food Cookbook comes out from Ecco most likely in 2014 — but still, get excited.

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Mission Chinese Food

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