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Watch Takeru Kobayashi Eat 397 Hot Dogs, 32 Eggs, 337 Chicken Wings, 13 Sandwiches, 25 Peeps, 30 Tacos, 16 Bananas, and Chug 25 Bottles of Milk

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Boy, competitive eater/professional crazy person Takeru Kobayashi sure can eat a whole bunch of food. And when better to eat tons of food in a competitive manner than on the Fourth of July? Kobayashi will not be competing in tomorrow's infamous Nathan's Hot Dog Contest on Coney Island — he hasn't competed there since storming the stage and getting arrested in 2010. Instead, he will be be eating in the first-ever Crif Dog Classic in Brooklyn. Below, in honor of the great sport of competitive eating, Kobayashi's greatest hits. Included: a bunch of speed-eating contests, a chicken wing eating record, Kobayashi vs a real-life bear, and more hot dogs than any human being should really consume in one lifetime.

Video: Kobayashi Arrested at Nathan's Famous Contest 2010. Hot Dogs Eaten: 0

Video: At Crif Dogs, New York City. Hot Dogs Eaten: 8 in One Minute

Video: SXSW 2012. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: 13 in One Minute

Video: Nintendo Event. Bananas Eaten: 16 in One Minute

Video: On Japanese Television. Bottles of Milk Drunk: 25 in Two Minutes

Video: At the Buzzfeed Offices. Peeps Eaten: 25 in 30 Seconds

Video: Tacos Eaten: 30 in One Minute

Video: Kobayashi vs a Bear. Hot Dogs Eaten: 31

Video: At the Sports Illustrated Offices. Eggs Eaten: 32 in One Minute

Video: West Coast Championships 2011, in Orange County. Hot Dogs Eaten: 49

Video: Nathan's Famous Contest, 2006. Hot Dogs Eaten: 54

Video: Nathan's Famous Contest, 2008. Hot Dogs Eaten: 59

Video: Nathan's Famous Contest, 2007. Hot Dogs Eaten: 63

Video: Nathan's Famous Contest, 2009. Hot Dogs Eaten: 64

Video: Fourth of July 2011, 230 Fifth in New York City. Hot Dogs Eaten: 69

Video: 20th Anniversary Wing Bowl, Philadelphia. Chicken Wings Eaten: 337

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