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Are These America's Coolest New Diners?

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Austin's Roll On Sushi Diner.
Austin's Roll On Sushi Diner.
Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX

Are these America's "coolest" new diners? Travel + Leisure calls diners the "latest coast-to-coast restaurant trend" and blurbs up ten new ones, defining the term loosely to even include trailers, like the Dock & Roll Diner in Austin, TX . The slideshow listicle also includes the yet-to-open restaurants M. Wells Dinette in New York City and Little Goat in Chicago. So by "new," does Travel + Leisure mean "from the future"? Anyway, here's the full list:

· Skillet Diner, Seattle
· Bowery Diner, New York City
· Au Cheval, Chicago
· Dock & Roll Diner, Austin
· Fremont Diner, Sonoma
· Café de La Esquina at Wythe Diner, Brooklyn
· Roll On Sushi Diner, Austin
· Hopscotch, Oakland
· M. Wells Dinette, Queens
· Little Goat, Chicago

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