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Customer Turns Server's Tip, Dignity Into 'Little Game'

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There's nothing quite like making someone work to earn the bare minimum of basic human respect, which is why a Boston service industry blogger says a man slammed twenty dollars on the table at his restaurant and told his server they'd "play a little game" with the pile of ostensible tip money. "I'll take one away (from your tip) every time something goes wrong," the man is said to have told the server, according to Patrick Maguire at the Server Not Servant blog.

If the schtick sounds both terrible and familiar, it might be because John Lithgow's 3rd Rock From The Sun character, Dick, pulled the same stunt on the sitcom back in the day. While the laugh track makes Dick's approach seem funny, it plays out like a serious dick move in real life. Writes Maguire: "You don't play games with hard-working people who are just trying to make a living."

Video: 3rd Rock From The Sun - Dick Tips

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