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Cat Cora DUI 911 Call: 'She's Yelling' and 'Driving Insane'

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Iron Chef/Around the World in 80 Plates co-host/Miss USA judge Cat Cora was cited for a DUI last month after causing a minor traffic accident in Santa Barbara, California, and TMZ has gotten their hands on a post-crash 911 call from the person Cora rear-ended.

The caller told the 911 operators that "She was wavering around the road... She's yelling and acting really weird." He continued: "She's just been very aggressive. Her driving style was aggressive. There was a red light. She was just driving insane."

Cora's BAC at the time of arrest was between .20 and .19; she told officers she had three beers. The arraignment will be on July 26. A bystander had shot video of Cora calling the people filming her "two nerds." Cora released a statement saying, in part: "I learned a very important lesson from this experience and take full accountability for my actions. This will never happen again." Here's the audio:

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