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Behold a Seinfeld-Themed 'No Soup For You' Truck

Because the people of America have apparently been clamoring for a food truck based upon an episode from a 20-year-old sitcom, here is the No Soup For You truck. Already out on the road for a tour, the truck promises "free iconic Seinfeld food, treats, giveaways...and maybe even meet The Soup Nazi, Larry Thomas!" What constitutes "iconic Seinfeld food"? Well, according to OC Weekly, on hand for a stop in Newport Beach, "the Soup Nazi's mulligatawny soup, Junior Mints, muffin tops, black and white cookies, Twix and Snapple." Anyway, the truck will also be stopping in Chicago (7/27), Philadelphia (7/30), New York (8/1), Boston (8/3), and Baltimore (8/6).

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