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Are There Cooking Shows Chris Cosentino Won't Be On?

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It was just announced that San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino is going to be on a new ABC reality show called Time Machine Chefs, and chef and Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson asks him on Twitter "Is there a cooking show that you won't be on this year?" Cosentino will also be competing on season four of Top Chef Masters (premiering this week). And just last week he was spotted in Seattle (probably connected to the ongoing filming of Top Chef). Cosentino responded to Acheson: "I wont [sic] be on iron chef, cake boss, next food network star, hells [sic] kitchen, master chef and a whole shit load more."

Cosentino did two seasons of the shameless Amazing Race knockoff Chefs vs City on the Food Network, but apparently he got tired of having to eat mountains of super-spicy food. Back in May, Cosentino told the Food Republic about how he gave up on a show he was making (Chef Unleashed):

I put a show out there for the world to see. It was called Chef Unleashed and shook the boat for a lot of people. But I’m not doing television anymore. I basically walked away.I felt that what was being conveyed wasn’t who I am. The racing around in particular. Yes, I’m a [bike] racer. I love the competitive aspect. But the food gorging? That isn’t what I want to convey to kids. I have a 7-year-old son and I don’t want him, or anybody’s child, to emulate that. Like, to eat as many chilies as you can. I just don’t think that’s intelligent. Me doing that was a bad thing.

Extrapolating: Chris Cosentino wasn't really into Chefs vs City, but he's cool with Top Chef Masters (a show that makes people cook on moving buses/cook with insects) and Time Machine Chefs (a show that has a rotisserie powered by tiny dogs in hamster wheels).

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