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Watch Bobby Flay Make Pancakes For Portlandia

Friday night IFC aired Portlandia: The Brunch Special, an hour-long special with an extended cut of the season two finale "Brunch Village" alongside a fake behind-the-scenes black-and-white featurette featuring chef/restaurateur Bobby Flay. Flay, starring as himself, helps director Jonathan Krisel in the epic quest to create the perfect marionberry pancake.

Says Krisel, "I'm just gonna put the ball in your court and say this is your area of expertise. Your food tastes good. I've never tasted it. But I've seen it on television, and I'm assuming it does taste good." Later, while they let the batter rest for an hour, it's play time, and that means Hide & Seek with Bobby Flay. Flay is building quite an acting resume: Last year he had a couple of cameos in Entourage (see here and here). To the clips:

Video: Bobby Flay on Portlandia, Part 1

Video: Bobby Flay on Portlandia, Part 2

Video: Bobby Flay on Portlandia, Part 3

Also, see another clip from the episode featuring a critic-hating Portland resident over at Eater PDX.

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