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Watch Food Truck Owners Explain How They Got Started

Big Ass Sandwiches, Portland.
Big Ass Sandwiches, Portland.
Photo: Big Ass Sandwiches

Here's a short and sweet little video about the whys and hows of starting a food truck business, featuring Portland (Gaufre Gourmet, Big-Ass Sandwiches) and New York (Schnitzel & Things) food trucks. The "why" almost universally seems to be "because I got laid off in the recession," but the "how" is a little more interesting. The median cost of starting a food truck in the US is $55,000 — which is not small chunk of money, especially if you've just been laid off — but the median start up cost for a brick-and-mortar restaurant is $312,500. This is the first of three food cart videos from Intel's iQ website; the other two will be "Powering the Food Cart" and "Promoting the Food Cart."

Video: Mobile Food, Part 1: Starting the Food Cart

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