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Taco Bell Airlifts 10,000 Free Tacos to Alaska

[Photo: Taco Bell / Twitter]

The benevolent fast food overlords at Taco Bell have taken pity on the small town of Bethel, Alaska, which was the victim of a cruel, Taco Bell-related hoax last month. When Taco Bell heard pranksters had blanketed the town with fake flyers declaring that a location of the fast food chain was opening in town, they decided to fly in 10,000 tacos and also helicoptered in an entire taco truck for a free feast yesterday. (Bethel only has 6,200 people, so that's 1.6 tacos per person.) And were they serving America's favorite taco, Doritos Locos Tacos? Indeed, they were. [Ed. note: Back to eating moose and penguin tacos, now, people of Alaska.]

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