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Charlie Palmer Apologizes For Ottavia Bourdain's Steak

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Photo: Charlie Palmer

Rest your weary heads, amateur internet detectives: Charlie Palmer Steak Las Vegas has come forward as the party responsible for Ottavia Bourdain's now infamous lousy steak. Chef/owner Charlie Palmer wrote in an email to Eater Vegas, "I am extending my apology to Mrs. Bourdain for her negative experience." He added that he wanted to come forward "before any more of my hardworking colleagues at other restaurants are implicated." On Tuesday, blogger John Curtas hazarded a guess that the restaurant in question was Carnevino; that did not end well. (Anthony Bourdain called Curtas "fuck-nuts" on Twitter.)

Palmer also noted that the whole ordeal "is frustrating because we only learned about it after the fact, and as a result I don't know what happened or whose head, if any, has to roll...Hearing about it later is like investigating a murder without a body." Bourdain responded on Twitter, "Charlie Palmer, you are a gracious man and a great chef. As we all know, sometimes shit happens. Thanks." Can this be the last time Eater posts about this, please? Thanks.

Read Palmer's entire apology over at Eater Las Vegas. >>>

Charlie Palmer Steak Las Vegas

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