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Watch 'Mixologist,' a Rap Parody of the Cocktail Scene

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From the people who brought you "Whole Foods Parking Lot" — Fog and Smog — comes this rap parody of the mixology hype. The thing is full of good moments: the chorus is "Hey Mr. Mixologist, did you have to go to college for this?" But the real treasures are the fake drinks on the menu. Behold:

· The Avon Barksdale: Hennessy, soda, free range heroin foam
· A Wilson's Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Single mash gatorade, bitters, smirnoff ice, human tears
· Moist Yoga Mat: Hemp vodka, 12 year kombucha, wheatgrass with a coconut water back
· Hyphy Hangover: Grape 4 Loko, Peychaud bitters, thizz face
· Chewbacca's Jacuzzi: Kashyyyk champagne, muddled slim jim, carbonite rinse

Here's the video, which was shot at Los Angeles bar La Descarga.

Video: Mixologist

· Mixologist [YouTube via Eater LA]
· All Alcohol Coverage on Eater [-E-]

La Descarga

159 North Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029