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Colbert on the 'Perkatory' of the Funeral Home Starbucks

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Stephen Colbert took on coffee last night, starting with the South Carolina funeral home that is installing a Starbucks. Colbert is all for it — "why spend the afterlife in purgatory when you could be spending it in 'perkatory'?" — and ponders whether funeral house coffee shops couldn't increase funeral attendance. Says Colbert, "Who knew Uncle Ted was friends with so many aspiring screenwriters and homeless guys who need to armpit shower in the sink?"

Next it's on to Fiat's in-car espresso maker. Colbert has some suggestions for other breakfast-related improvements that could be added to cars, including a sun visor waffle iron and "an omelette station which, bonus, will let you drive in the car pool lane."

Video: Colbert on Funeral Home Starbucks & Car Coffee Makers

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