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New Farm Bill Amendment Might Overthrow CA Foie Ban

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A new amendment to the Farm Bill might do away with the foie ban in California. Citing a piece in last weekend's San Francisco Chronicle, Inside Scoop SF writes that "last week, a late night vote in the House Agriculture Committee on an amendment would deny individual states the ability to regulate any farm product." That means foie gras, among many, many other things. The whole Farm Bill, including this particular amendment, will at some point go to the House floor for a vote.

While many chefs would probably support the repeal, it doesn't seem like the new ban has been much of an obstacle. Despite protests from animal rights organizations like PETA and risking fines, restaurants across the state have been finding all sorts of loopholes, from serving the stuff as a complimentary side or as the main ingredient in tasting menus you can purchase "for a donation fee." Some chefs have been a bit sly and sneaky about it, while others have been totally open in their defiance.

This isn't much of a surprise, since we knew from the start that it probably wasn't going to be enforced, anyway.

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