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Burger King Employee Gets Busted by 4chan For Super-Gross Lettuce Photo

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A Burger King employee posted a photo of him/herself standing in tubs of lettuce to anonymous internet playground 4chan with the caption "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King," and totally got busted for it. 4chan quickly got on the case, with anonymous users locating the specific Burger King (thanks to the photo's EXIF GPS data), and alerting its manager as well as the local media. The escapade was posted to Reddit with the caption, "Don't fuck with people's food."

4chan posters who contacted the restaurant's manager said he called the stunt "sick and pathetic" and said there'd be "hell to pay." Whether or not that's an exact quote, the incident did get all the way up to corporate. A spokesperson for Burger King tells Cleveland's Fox News 8 that "We are investigating the matter and will take appropriate action as necessary."

According to Cleveland Scene, a shift manager said both the person in the photo and the manager on duty will likely be fired. Someday parents will tell stories like this to little kids to scare them from posting things they shouldn't on the internet.

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