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Bourdain Calls John Curtas a 'Fuck-Nut' Over 'Idiotic, Lazy' Steakgate Reporting

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After Ottavia Bourdain mentioned "the worst steak [she'd] ever had in [her] life, an abomination" in an interview with Grub Street, the internet (including Eater commenters) got to business trying to figure out which Las Vegas restaurant served it. It seems some, namely Eating Las Vegas' John Curtas, went about it a bit too hastily, guessing it was the steakhouse Carnevino. And so Anthony Bourdain called him out publicly on Twitter: "Dear John Curtass of Eating Las Vegas. Your entire, idiotic column is based on a false premise: we did not stay at the Venetian/Palazzo."

Curtas' piece surmised that 1. the Bourdains stayed at the Venetian/Palazzo and 2. the terrible steak therefor came from the Mario Batali/Joe Bastianich restaurant Carnevino, which is located in the Venetian. And, according to both Bourdains, it turns out Curtas was wrong. Cue the name calling:

· Bourdain called Curtas' piece "idiotic" and says they didn't stay at the Palazzo. He also called Curtas "erroneous, sloppy and stupid" and calls him a "dipshit," "fuck-nuts," and "lazy." He uses the hashtags #grassyknoll and #hack.
· Curtas is right there with him, using the hashtag #coward and told him to "quit hiding behind a skirt."
· Ottavia Bourdain managed to avoid getting nasty and merely explained that in not naming the restaurant she was trying to "avoid deliberately embarrassing" them in light of the fact that, you know, she's not a critic.

And after all that, the restaurant responsible for the crappy steak is still unknown.

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