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Flavor Flav Pimps His Fried Chicken on a Plane Intercom

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Flavor Flav at House of Flavor, Las Vegas.
Flavor Flav at House of Flavor, Las Vegas.
Photo: House of Flavor / Facebook

Sure why not: you're Flavor Flav, you're on a plane, it's not like the crew is not going to let you get on the loud speaker and talk up your fried chicken restaurant. And, according to audio posted by TMZ, that's exactly what happened on a recent Southwest flight to Las Vegas, where Flav's House of Flavor is located.

After asking the passengers to give the flight crew a round of applause, Flav gets down to business: "Hey yo check this out, also, just to let y'all know I do have a restaurant, it's called Flavor Flav's House of's a takeout restaurant. We got fried chicken, collard greens, potato salad, coleslaw, and red velvet waffles, yeah G. We be getting it in. Check this out, though, I just want to say good luck to everybody with your life, your future, your goals." And, you know, hopefully your future has some fried chicken in it. Here's the audio:

Audio: Flavor Flav Promotes House of Flavor on a Plane

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House of Flavor

3333 South Maryland Parkway #11 Las Vegas, NV 89169